Why It’s Absolutely Okay to Purchase Refurbished Items

In this post you will read:Buying an refurbished items meaning you are saving the planet while you are experience your joy and you will find how a headphones has been refurbished and the advantages it provide.

The word refurbished shouldn’t be new to you if you are used to shopping online. Many people have considered buying a refurbished item one time or the other but because the product was once used, most people end up changing their minds.

In case you didn’t know what refurbished headphones are, here is a quick definition>>>

Refurbished headphones in simple words are headphones that have been sent back to the manufacturer by the customer or a retailer because they have a fault. Due to the fact that these returned headphones are defective, they cannot be sold back just yet. Hence, the need for refurbishment.

In the refurbishment process, the manufacturer repairs and restores the returned headphone to its full good working condition. Because of the repairs done, the refurbished headphone can no longer be sold as a new one. The price of the refurbished headphone is then reduced. 

Now, that beats the question, should you actually buy a refurbished headphone? Are they worth your attention? Would they even work well as a new headphone?

To answer all these questions, let’s start by talking about the refurbishment process. As we look at the step-by-step process of refurbishing a headphone, you should be able to tell if you should actually by a refurbished headphone.

The step-by-step process of refurbishing headphones. 

  • Headphones returned to the manufacturer are rigorously inspected to check if they are beyond repair or can be repaired. The reparable ones are passed down for the refurbishing process . The unrepairable ones will be dismantled as components parts and test each component , if it is all ok it will be used to repair the ones that are repairable. Scrap the unusable components.
  • A detail inspection would be performed on its appearance and function, then label its problem and pass them to different engineer to fix its issue . Then Engineer would do a test to make sure it all functions well.
  • Then a profession inspector would first have the units fully charged and then put a side over night. The second day he would make a double inspection of its battery condition, function, appearance. Then erase all previous user record and restore to its initial name and condition.
  • Headphones that pass the previous stage then go through the cleaning process, it will be thoroughly cleaned via Alcohol .
  • Lastly the headphones would be well packed and protected for shipping, however because during the return process accessories has been missing, we would ship units with replacement accessories . It could be original or alternative ones as some original ones are not available.

Looks and functions 

There are many misconceptions of how refurbished headphones works and how it looks. In reality, buying a refurbished headphone from a reputable seller looks quite similar and functions the same as a new headphone. 

Refurbished headphones if bought from the right source will definitely function like a new headphone, with the same looks. Therefore, you are surely going to get the experience of buying a new one. 

Just as the new headphones, the refurbished headphone comes along with a warranty just to assure that you are not being cheated out of your money. 

Reasons why you should purchase a refurbished headphone 

There are various reasons why you should buy a refurbished headphone, some of them include:

1. Return policy

 Although the term refurbished means it has been returned before, refurbished headphones still give you the advantage of being able to return the product if any fault should come up. So, whether you buy a refurbished or a new headphone, you get a return policy for both. 

2. Inspection

Because of the name tag “refurbished product”, most people think it’s of lesser quality compared to new ones. Well, that is very wrong. Headphones returned to the manufacturer have to undergo a thorough inspection to ensure that they are restored to good working condition. 

So you are sure to be getting a good working headphone when you buy a refurbished headphone. You can expect the same experience as the new one when it comes to sound and cleanliness. 

3. Warranty

The refurbisher offers normally the same warranty benefit on refurbished products like the new ones. However, it depends on how old the product has been.  

4. Reduces cost

People on a low budget can finally purchase an expensive headphone with refurbished headphones. Although refurbished, it still possesses the same quality as a new one, at a discounted price. Imagine the amount of money one will save from purchasing a refurbished headphone with a 100 percent working condition and a warranty attached to it. 

5. Sustainability goal

Buying a refurbished tech, in this regard, refurbished headphones reduces the amount of materials and carbon used to produce them. Production of headphones and related tech need millions of tons of carbon and material just to satisfy customer needs.

So by getting refurbished headphones, you would be making a difference by reducing the effects of tech wastes that harm the environment. What’s more, you will be saving a ton of money for yourself in the process. 

User’s experience 

Most people that use a refurbished headphone will easily tell you the amazing benefits that come with purchasing a refurbished headphone. The fact that you are getting something very close to a brand new product is mind blowing to many people. 

I mean, imaging just paying half the price for a refurbished product and getting the same quality as when you pay the full price for a new one. That sounds really nice, right? Well, yes it does. 

Still on user’s experience, many people that have purchased a refurbished headphone have been very impressed with the sound quality.

Trust me, it is practically impossible to tell the difference between the sound quality of a refurbished headphone and a new one. Apart from the sound quality, a lot of refurbished headphones owners have given good comments about the looks of refurbished headphones. 

So in a nutshell, users get the same experience with refurbished headphones like they would get from new headphones. Interestingly, you spend less and get good value for your money. 


As you can see, it is absolutely okay to buy a refurbished headphone. If you look at it critically, you have nothing to lose but so much to gain. 
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