How To Sell Refurbished Headphones ?

In this post you will read:many businesses looking to do this are still clueless about how to go about it. A lot of businesses are lost in the seemingly arduous process of selling refurbished headphones. They are asking, how do I even get refurbished headphones to sell? Where do I sell these headphones? How do I place prices on these headphones? When I get these refurbished headphones, how do I know they are good enough? What type of refurbished headphones should I be looking out for? and we will get you all the answers in this post.

Many audiophiles are in search of quality refurbished headphones. They want a headphone that costs less but is equally as effective as a new one. However, many have not been able to find the right quality refurbished headphone they want.

As a business, you can literally make a lot of money by selling refurbished headphones to people looking to buy cheap headphones. 

Sadly, many businesses looking to do this are still clueless about how to go about it. A lot of businesses are lost in the seemingly arduous process of selling refurbished headphones. They are asking, how do I even get refurbished headphones to sell? Where do I sell these headphones? How do I place prices on these headphones? When I get these refurbished headphones, how do I know they are good enough? What type of refurbished headphones should I be looking out for?

If you have all these questions, no need to worry, we have answers here for you.

In this post, we’ll walk you through the simple steps on how to sell refurbished headphones. 

If you are ready, strap your seatbelt and let’s get in on the exciting ride.

What Are Refurbished Headphones?

Many people are still confused on what makes a headphone “refurbished”.

A refurbished headphone is a headphone that has been used by someone else but is still in good, working condition. A refurbished headphone doesn’t mean the headphone is bad, it just means the headphone isn’t brand new.

There are times when a refurbished headphone is one that a buyer returns to the manufacturers because the headphone had a fault. 

In cases of a returned headphone due to fault, the manufacturers fix the headphones but will be unable to sell these ‘refurbished’ headphones as new. 

How To Know A Good Refurbished Headphone

No business wants to sell products that will irritate and anger the customers. With refurbished headphones, getting old headphones that are still functional and in good shape can be quite tricky. 

Ensure you check the headphones properly before placing it up for sale. 

Some of the things to look out for when examining refurbished headphones you want to sell are:

  • Are there any scratches on the headphones? Although it’s a refurbished headphone, no buyer wants a headphone that looks damaged and too old. If the scratches are too much, buyers might be uninterested in the headphone.
  • Are the headphone jacks functional: For headphones with jack ports, check if these jacks work well, or if the sound coming from the headphone is distorted when connected to the jack. Some headphones have jack ports that distort the sounds the headphones emit. If the headphone is a Bluetooth headphone, that might not be a major issue. 

If you find a refurbished headphone that is defective, make sure you return it to your supplier to  get a replacement.

How To Get Refurbished Headphones

There are two major ways you can get refurbished headphones:

  • From Individuals who are tired of their old headphones and want to get new ones: 

The rate at which technology improves, headphone manufacturing companies such as Beat By Dre are releasing new models of headphones regularly. Most times, as these new models are released, individuals with old models will want to sell theirs, add up money and then buy these new models. As a business, you can meet these people through several means: social media, friends and families, discussion forums like Quora and Reddit and sometimes on online stores like eBay. 

  • Headphone manufacturing companies who have faulty headphones that they’ve repaired and need to sell: 

Headphone manufacturing companies sometimes have return policies for their headphones. These policies allow buyers to return faulty headphones bought from the company. 

When these headphones are returned, some customers ask for refunds while others accept repaired headphones. 

When customers prefer refunds, the company then repairs the faulty headphones and sells for less the price of the original headphone price. 

For example, if the price of the new headphone is $300, a refurbished headphone – same model, same functionality – will be less than $300. Sometimes the price will be twice less that of a new headphone. 

  • Online Platforms like Jtwentyseven: 

With a platform like Jtwentyseven, you can easily get refurbished headphones from any headphone brand, all at reasonable prices. 

Where To Sell Refurbished Headphones

Now that you know where to get the refurbished headphones, where then do you sell them? How do you get people to know that you’ve got refurbished headphones for sale?

  1. eBay:

eBay is one of the biggest platforms to sell any and everything. eBay brings sellers and buyers to one place, bridging the gap. One amazing feature in eBay is that you can run ads on the platform and have your refurbished headphones advertised to millions of people who need refurbished headphones. 

It is easy to sign up on eBay, and once your profile has been verified, you can go ahead and put-up ads for the refurbished headphones that you want to sell. 

  1. Amazon: 

Amazon has a different registration and selling process compared to eBay. Amazon’s registration process can be quite tricky, especially setting up the profile and stating what category the refurbished headphone will be advertised. But in truth, Amazon has more customers, and the payment platform is easy to use. 

  1. Headphone Zone:

This is one of the biggest places to sell every type of refurbished headphone. Headphone zone is renowned for its trade-up option, i.e., you can sell your refurbished headphones and buy new models there as well. Headphone zone advertisers your refurbished headphones to millions of visitors, all of whom are headphone enthusiasts. 

You can also sell your refurbished headphones on other online platforms like:

  • Reddit 
  • Craigslist 
  • Cash Converters 
  • Head-Fi 

How To Put Price On Refurbished Headphones

Now that you’ve known the different platforms to sell your refurbished headphones, the next question is, “how do I place a price on these headphones?”

You might not have a pricing strategist in your team, someone who’ll help you scrapE the internet for prices and set a competitive price. 

But you can still place a good enough price on the refurbished headphones you want to sell.

  1. First, realise that these headphones aren’t new and so won’t go for the same price as the new

This first point might sound cliché (Heck, I know this already!) but there are businesses that place ridiculously high prices on refurbished headphones. 

Accepting the reality that these headphones are old headphones, although still working, will help you set realistic prices on the refurbished headphones you want to sell. 

  1. Check for the current market price of a new headphone: 

Whatever the headphone brand that you want to sell, check online for how much it costs to buy a new one. This piece of information will help you know how much less you’ll sell your refurbished headphones. Most times, businesses sell refurbished headphones two-times less the price of the new one. 

However, this method isn’t always effective as it could make you sell at a lower price than the market price, or higher. 

  1. Check how much other businesses are selling refurbished headphones

If you want to place the price on a refurbished QuietComfort 35 II Noise reducer, check out how much your business competitors are selling it, and then place a price, either slightly higher or lower. 

Doing this ensures that your price is competitive and at par with market price. 

How To Ensure You Sell Your Refurbished Headphones At Great Prices

Selling refurbished headphones involves a lot of marketing and sales skills. 

Yes! You need to know how to position your headphones to attract the right customers. 

  1. Take clear and professionally-looking photos: 

Buyers will rate the headphones more if the pictures are clean, crisp and professional. A clean picture also lends credence to the quality of the headphones, even though refurbished. 

  1. Write convincing product descriptions:

Many businesses have fallen short of the mistake of writing poor product descriptions. A well-written product description tells the buyers what they’re buying and how good it is. 

  1. Add accessories if possible: 

If the refurbished headphones have the boxes they came in, add it as part of the package. Buyers want to buy headphones that still look and feel relatively new. If there are other accessories such as chargers and cords, add them as well. These added accessories will serve as added incentive for interest buyers to buy. 

  1. Ensure you have a working payment system: 

For example, a platform like Jtwentyseven has effective payment platforms that make payment for products easy and fast. With an effective payment system, buyers will find it easier to buy these headphones. 

Best Refurbished Headphone Brands

Not so sure which brands of headphones to sell in their refurbished state?

Then look no further than the best headphone brands:

  • Beats By Dre headphones 
  • Bose Headphones 
  • Apple Air pods
  • Sennheiser headphones 

And many more! 

Conclusion: Refurbished headphones have become the go-to options for many audiophiles. Aside from its affordability, many trusts that these headphones last pretty long. Therefore, as a business owner, just in the same way Jtwentyseven sells quality refurbished electronics, you need to ensure every refurbished headphone you’re selling is good and will last.