About J27

We mostly wholesale renewed electronics,

Such as : Apple, Beats, Bose, JBL,etc.


About Us.

 We started to work on refurbished items since 2015  in DongGuan City, Guangdong province.  

The reason we started the business is because we have noticed that nowadays the consumer electronics has new generations very quick basically every year. It brings new feature and performs better. So  you  always wanted to have the newest one.  but in fact the old one is still ok to use. So what to do with the old one ? You either sell it or exchange with new one, etc. 

So this bring the question where is our product come from ?

Our products mostly come from big retailers , telecom companies , e-retailers, and those buyback companies.

 It was customer returns or demonstration products or used ones.  Some of them has no problem, some of them has small issues that you can fix them easily and a very small portion that can’t be repaired so we will use the parts from these to repair the others.  Of course, We would also replace with new parts when there is very heavy sign of use or cosmetic damages on its appearance.

On the other side, we have to say that some items might still show some minimal scratches or sign of use. If you will purchase and your are uncertain about it, please contact us first.

One more thing, please note that all the packages has been broken so the units we deliver are in bulk package, not original retail packing.

Why Us.

We believer that with our product we will bring you a 18% extra sales with our diverse products together with our quality control and services , detail as below:



 Every single units have been 200% inspected with its function and cosmetic .  We have a partner that has over 10 years quality inspection experience in dealing with these product so he is very sensitive and can easily tell if  anything is not original in cosmetic.  Furthermore, we would check through its website or apple to make sure that they are authentic items . Lastly: after it was fully inspected our team would erase all previous info and reset them same as brand new one and then do the cleaning.  With all these, we hope to provide our customers with the same type of experience that they would enjoy when buying a new one. 



We ship with DHL, UPS, Fedex in 4 working days after order is confirm so that you can receive it within a week in normal situations. 



We understand that the labor cost in oversea is very expensive, thus , we would label each units and pack them as per customer requirement so when you receive them you can just put the in stock and arrange shipment when needed.

Brands We Deal.