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Ensuring Authenticity and Excellence:

Quality Checklist

  1. Authenticate: Verify through its official website or app, as shown in the video .

  2. Power and Pause: Fully charge the battery, let it rest for 12+ hours, and confirm a sustained 100% charge.

  3. Functionality Assurance: Rigorous inspection of buttons, touch screen, microphone and sound quality to meet our stringent standards.

  4. Data Integrity: Wipe previous user data from the app.

  5. Visual Check and Ready: Thoroughly inspect, clean, and expertly pack the unit for your confidence.”

Why Us ?

Quality Assured: Your Satisfaction, Our Promise!

All items undergo rigorous inspection and testing at a thorough 200% level of scrutiny. Our comprehensive quality assurance process includes initial testing upon arrival, followed by a meticulous examination of both functionality and appearance just before shipment. This ensures that every product meets our stringent standards for performance and aesthetics.

Your Order: Shipped in 3-7 Days!

Rest easy with our commitment to secure and swift deliveries. Enjoy complimentary shipping through trusted carriers like UPS, DHL, and FedEx, complete with tracking numbers. Under typical circumstances, we guarantee your order will be delivered within a prompt 3 to 7 business days

Always On: 24/7 Service Just for You!

Seamless Support Around the Clock: Reach Our Sales Team Anytime, 24/7, via Whatsapp or Wechat for Instant Assistance!

What People Say?

With over hundreds orders from different clients, We can’t show you everything. So I’ve made a brief selection. Enjoy!


Whoesale refurbished Beats and Bose headphones testimonial from clients
Quality is good, they have passed all of our checks . we would like to place more orders.
Mr XX /Owner


Wholesale refurbished Beats and Bose headphones testimonial from clients
The Quality was great. we are ready to place the nest order as well 🙂
Mr.XX/Co Founder


Wholesale Refurbished Bose and beats headphones testimonial from client
My team just finished inspecting everything looks great , send me over the new inventory list and we will make a big order.
Mr.XX/Purchasing manager

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